Women’s Wellness Retreat with Jenn Sharp & Jodi Westfall
Sundays in The Loft
April 23, May 28, June 25, July 23, August 20 @ 9 AM – 4 PM

Designed for women 40ish and older

Fee: $175 / day / participant
Registration and Payment prior to retreat day is required. Call or email Jodi Westfall to register and for payment arrangements. 513-614-4301  -or-  office@jodiwestfall.com

Once a month for 5 months, join Jenn Sharp, PhD, and Jodi Westfall, NP on a journey to self-actualization. Using Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs, empower yourself with resources, community and practices to transform your health and well-being. Each Sunday may be taken solo, though attendance at each session is encouraged.

April 23
— Building a strong foundation by addressing your physical needs to promote long-term health
May 28
— Creating calm and resilience in a constantly changing world
June 25
— Cultivating healthy, nurturing relationships
July 23
— Creating a fulfilling life you enjoy
August 20
— Putting it all Together: Designing your Road map for Living Authentically

Jennifer Sharp, PhD, MA, TRCC, CSC, exemplifies courage, self-awareness, and a knowing from deep within herself that has reached thousands of students, workshop participants, and mentees within and beyond the United States. She is the founder of Sharp & Mindful, LLC, and co-founder of Wiser Wellness, and feels most alive when she is inspiring others to deepen their presence, joy, and radical engagement with life. Dogs, trees, and hiking are three of her favorite teachers, and she loves to integrate stories from both the absurd and everyday moments of life with dogs (Sugar and Duke) to entertain and connect with students.

Jennifer embodies a deep well of grounded presence, emerging from decades of seeking knowledge, information, and experiences to become intimate with her hopes, fears, and deepest values. For 11 years, she’s inspired students across several states as a counselor educator, and is currently teaching counselors-to-be at the University of Wisconsin-Superior. Some of her favorite areas of ongoing curiosity include: mindfulness, compassionate communication, cultivating calm through contemplative practices, and deepening connection with ourselves and to the natural world to reimagine our lives.