Transparent Watercolors with Bruce Neville
Wednesdays @ 5 – 7 PM — Classroom
Mar 6, 13, 20; Apr 3, 10, 17, 24

Skill Level : Advanced Beginner, Intermediate, and Advanced watercolorists

$30 / student / class session
Materials not supplied (see supply list below)

Develop and expand your creativity and watercolor skills with Bruce Neville’s pay-as-you-go class which accommodates a busy schedule by allowing you to work in as many classes as you wish.

Each class begins with a demo by Bruce. You will learn how to mix colors for warm or cool effect; how to use value for depth and form; how good composition strengthens your work; a few shortcuts to developing a painting; as well as a refresher on drawing skills and perspective.

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Supply List
Watercolor paper
— d’arches or fabriano  #140 cold press
— Kingart: gold brush size 8, 12 and 1  1/2 flat  available at Cheap Joe’s Paints
— Holbine: manganese blue nova, leaf green,
— Winsor Newton: cad yellow, new gamboge, sap green, yellow ochre, raw sienna, cobalt blue, cerulean blue, winsor red, alizarin crimson, permanent rose, burnt sienna, french ultramarine
—Daniel Smith: permanent orange, indanthrone blue, carbazole violet, cobalt violet

Bruce Allan Neville’s original watercolors create a mood and visual language through transparent watercolor.

He was born in Rhode Island and studied at the Boston Architectural Center and Wentworth Institute in Boston Massachusetts. Neville moved to Cincinnati, Ohio in 1960 and graduated from the University of Cincinnati in the DAAP program in 1966 receiving a Bachelor of Science in Architecture.

Neville is a signature member of the Ohio Watercolor Society, an Associate member of the American Watercolor Society, and a Signature member of the Cincinnati Art Club. Neville has won numerous awards and honors including the RAM Richmond Art Museum Award of Excellence, CAC Viewpoint Award, Boston Mills Award of Best in Show, and two years Best in Watercolor at Carmel International in Carmel, IN. Neville has extensive teaching experience at the college level at the Cincinnati Art Academy, at The Barn, and workshops throughout the Midwest.

Neville’s style and technique were published in the The Watercolor Technique of 23 International Artist. My goal is to develop not a style of painting but a way of thinking, interpreting, and being creative. Each painting conveys a unique experience leading the viewer into a new way of seeing and understanding my process.