The Magical World of Harry

Calling all young witches, wizards, and muggles to join us at the barn on our own Platform 9 3/4 to discover the Magic Within Yourselves!

Working Hard is Important, But There Is Something That Matters Even More :  Believing in Yourself!    — Harry Potter

Saturday, November 18
10 AM – 12 PM

$55 for each witch, wizard, or muggle
Ages 4 – 12

Young wizards will begin their journey in the Barn’s Loft, passing through our Platform 9 3/4 to a Chamber of Secrets where they will perform Charms, learn Herbology, create Potions, and even Care for Magical Creatures during a Magical Two Hours of Positivity which includes wand-making, themed snacks, potions, crafts and more!

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Calling all elementary school Witches and Wizards — Muggles, too — to our very own Hogwarts East for a Morning of Witchcraft & Wizardry!

We all know about the amazing powers of Hermione, Harry and Hagrid, too! But, do you know about The Magic Within you? Yes, YOU! We have invited the best Professors of Sorcery from Kingsbury Productions to guide us through Harry’s World while discovering your very own magic within!

Be sure to Dress the Part!

We will work together through enchanted crafts and exciting exercises to learn about how each of us may control their very own Magic Within! Everyone is Special. Everyone is Important. Everyone holds their own special key to unlock their own magic.

We cannot wait to guide you!