Kimberly Daniel, artistic director for the Readers Theatre Project, says “What separates a playwright from other writers is that a playwright is writing talking. When judging a writer’s ability, we often hear how important it is to hear the writer’s voice. But, a playwright must allow us to hear the characters’ voices. That is a very unique task for a writer, and whether an actor is speaking or singing, it is all about the words. Through those words, we are communicating the character and the story on so many levels. A play reading is a great way to experience that. It is also a great way to share plays that audiences might not have an opportunity to experience in a staged version, or at least experience them in a new light.”

Information about this season’s Readers Theatre Project performances coming soon.

Everyone involved with the Readers Theatre Project is donating their services for these readings, and we hope you will support the series with your donations, which will help the Barn’s many wonderful projects that contribute so much to our community throughout the year.