Ikebana : Koukichi Uchiyama

Wednesdays @ 6 – 8 PM
Apr 10, May 8

Fridays @ 10 AM – 12 PM
Mar 22, Apr 26, May 24

Tack Room

Annual fee of $30 + $10 for each arrangement
Payable by cash or check on first day of class
Register for class by email  — uchiyama@fuse.net

In this class you will study the Art of Japanese flower arranging using textbooks from the Sogetsu school Headquarters in Japan. Students complete 1 or 2 arrangements in each class. After finishing the textbook Course, students can be certified at different levels. Working toward an instructor level or just enjoying Arranging flowers is up to you.

Mr. Koukichi Uchiyama has been involved with flower arranging for 27 years. He was the Deputy Director of Sogetsu Cincinnati Branch for 11 years before being appointed to Director in 2018. He was Director from 2018 – 2022. He holds the highest level Sogetsu Teacher’s Diploma 1st grade. Aside from his years as Sogetsu Teacher, his artistic activities Include paintings, sculptures and ceramics.