Healing Sound Bath with Tisa Powell
This is Self-Love and Self-Care. Allow yourself to Breathe, Be Still, Listen and Let Go!

In the Loft
Wednesday, April 26
7:30 – 9:30 PM

$44 per person in advance — see below
or $50 in person on Wednesday, April 26

no experience necessary – everyone welcome

Please note: Your body temperature will drop during the Sound Bath. Please come prepared with blankets, yoga/camping mat, pillow(s), bolster or a towel/blanket rolled up for under your knees, furry socks to keep your feet warm, water. These items are necessary so that you are comfortable laying down for two hours.
Eye masks will be available for sale for $1.00

Tisa Powell, also known as SoulShine Warrior, brings her passion for healing music to this 90 minute, deeply powerful journey experience. Says, Tisa, it will be life-changing; relaxing mind and body with meditation is essential to maintaining balance. The vibrating sounds created during this Sacred Sound Journey will help to initiate and/or deepen your own spiritual journey and can provide assistance on all levels of healing: emotional, mentally, physical, psychological, and spiritual.

Attendees are encouraged to allow themselves to enter a timeless space of listening as SoulShine Warrior orchestrates her way through the rich overtones of instruments including 10 Gongs, Ocean Drums, Singing Bowls, and a huge variety of antique and unique instruments, carrying participants through a journey of self-exploration. Listeners have described the experience as an adventure in listening, sonic bliss, a deep and lasting vibrational rejuvenation for body and soul, and a journey through the senses.

Each guest will also receive a charged crystal after the Sound Bath.

Contact Tisa Powell for more information about Healing Sound Bath and to register/enroll in her class.

Tisa’s social media links — FaceBook  Instagram