Give A Shingle — Everyone Will Love You For It

What can you give to the person who has everything? Or the discriminating individual with a passion for art and history? Or someone who loves to give more than receive?

The Woman’s Art Club of Cincinnati Foundation can help you give the perfect gift. The 100-year old shingles on the exterior walls of The Barn are falling apart and must be replaced…so here’s a Give-A-Shingle Fundraiser to help deck the exterior walls with a brand new set of shingles.

Your $25 (tax-deductible) donation will buy a single shingle that will be numbered before being installed and painted to adorn and protect The Barn. We will send the lucky recipient a gift card acknowledging your timeless gift to them and The Barn. In addition, a message with the shingle number, sender and recipient’s names, optional message, and optional photo will be place inside time capsule that will be enclosed within the exterior wall-space.

To join in this historic fundraiser simply CLICK HERE to give a lasting gift. Just $25 will bring a gift of joy to someone on a special day and to The Barn for a century to come! And, everyone will love you for it.