Drawing the Human Figure with Charlie Berger
Mid-Summer Term
Saturdays @ 9 AM – 12 PM
Jul 13 – Aug 10


$195 for 5 3-hour sessions

Drop-ins welcome if there is space.
Email Charlie at charlieberger3@gmail.com to be scheduled
or put on a wait list.

Prepare to push your creative boundaries, develop your artistic skills, and gain a deeper appreciation for the complexity and beauty
of the human figure.

Each class session is designed to enhance your understanding of the
human form, improve your observation skills, and refine your
drawing technique This is your unique opportunity to study anatomy, proportion, and the dynamic poses of the human body
in a supportive environment.

Individual instruction and personal feedback with a focus on:
– observation & proportion
– measuring & aligning
– the understanding of light and shadow on the three dimensional
form of the human body.

More Info, Registration and Payment Details
—  charlieberger3@gmail.com -or- 513-212-4679

Charlie Berger’s website — theloveofdrawing.com