Historic Restoration of the Barn’s Exterior

The Barn’s original split cedar shingles are nearly a century old and are showing age. Especially affected are the shingles on the south-facing and courtyard walls where the sun and weather have done the most damage and where replacement is most urgent. Replacing those shingles is Phase I of the restoration project.

The Thomas J. Emery Memorial Foundation awarded the Barn/Foundation an anchor grant of $25,000 – one third of the project cost of Phase I. This initial donation will attract more capital grants and keep this fantastic example of adaptive re-use as an Ohio Cultural Arts center going strong into the next century.

The Helen G., Henry F. & Louise Tuechter Dornette Foundation’s gift in March of 2021 to the Barn/Foundation for the Phase I restoration of the exterior the Barn brings us to the 85% mark for funding this urgent project.

Mariemont Preservation Foundation Funds Eighth Series

We are thrilled to announce that Mariemont Preservation Foundation has once again underwritten our family cultural series at the Barn, Mariemont Preservation Presents! This series has brought such great events as the Playhouse in the Park Off the Hill touring shows, Madcap Puppet shows, performances by Children’s Theatre, and countless parent/child artmaking events.Events like these showcase the original Resthaven Barn, which MPF had a hand in preserving, and reflect Mary Emery’s life passion as described by Rich in Good Works (GoodReads): “She embarked on a philanthropic program that endowed or initiated children’s programs, … an art museum, … various cultural agencies, and other causes that benefited humankind.”

We are deeply grateful for continued funding from the Mariemont Preservation Foundation.

The Barn on The Art Show

In December 2019, Rodney Veal, host of The Art Show, sat down for a conversation with Dodie Loewe, Board President of the Woman’s Art Club of Cincinnati in the Loft Gallery during the Cherrywod Fabrics Prince Tribute Tour Exhibition.

You can watch the interview HERE.